Bird House

Right outside of Jem’s bedroom window is the top of a tree and right now it is housing a small nest filled with squawking baby birds. Every time the mama bird comes back with some food, we can hear them at nearly any part of the house. Recently they seem to be interested in flying and spend the time in between meals gazing out of the nest into the sky! We are not sure what kind of birds they are, but they bring joy into our lives every time we hear them. I will try to snap some pictures, and let you know when they decide to fly away.
This experience has definitely solidified in my mind the need for a bird house once we are in our own home. I would love to take the kids out to the backyard to discover a beautiful act of nature. I remember climbing trees in our childhood home and finding little nests with tiny little eggs. I can’t wait to share these moments with our children.

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