So… I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of having to be in pain to look cute. I am becoming a firm believer in looking good while also being comfortable. Now,I am also one of those people who really hates looking frumpy, so my battle with losing baby weight has been a struggle for me since all my pre-pregnant clothes are a little too tight and all my preggo clothes are way to loose (I gain a ton of weight with pregnancy). So now that I am somewhat at a point to start appreciating my body and how I look in clothes again, I am on a mission.
No more will my feet be absolutely killing me in order to look adorable. No more will I wear itchy sweaters because it’s what I have or it looks cozy from the outside. From now on,I dress the way I want to dress. And sure, I have a lot of nerdy (Doctor Who, Supernatural…) graphic tees, and I love them and they are very comfortable. So, I plan on finding ways to dress them up! I am also violently against uncomfortable shoes… Anywhere I go I am going to have to walk or stand at least for a while…why should I be in pain?
Well, now to get off my soap box… I hope you enjoy my journey! I know I will. And I will post pictures of particularly flattering outfits, as well as crazy disasters! If anyone is interested. Thanks for reading!


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