Cabin Fever

I feel as though I may be experiencing a quarter-life crisis…
I have a terrible wanderlust, and can’t seem to get it out of my head. It also feels like a teenage rebellion, because I keep listening to my punk rock from my teenage years and wanting to try new fashions that I wouldn’t have considered before. Or possibly it is simply because I have two kiddos under two and getting out of the house (not including the grocery store) has been few and far between. I won’t even mention the fact that it’s been so cold out lately that taking a walk around the tantalizingly close lake is not an option. I know I get this way around this time of year… after Christmas, Winter can seem kind of pointless. It drags on with freezing icy days and random beautiful (but still too cold to really enjoy) days all surrounded with dead nature. I’m glad I live in a place with so many evergreens that there is always some color, but it’s not Spring. Dead trees have a sort of quiet dignity when covered in snow, but bare they are mostly ugly to me.
So, all that to say, I want to go somewhere. Anywhere… I just want to go. Hubby and I have plans to visit so many places in our life, I’m just really realizing it can’t happen for a while.
I sound incredibly spoiled and whiney in this post… but I am also sick…
What do you do when wanderlust or cabin fever kick in? Any suggestions for a home-locked mama?


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