Happy Mondays

So, Mondays have a bad reputation. “I hate Mondays” has been uttered by pretty much every human being on the planet at least once in their life. Well, at least I think so. I know I am definitely guilty of it! However, since becoming a mom, I find I sometimes enjoy and even look forward to Mondays! I know, I know… I’m crazy, but hear me out. I love weekends. We get to visit people we don’t normally see and often experience something new. But, there’s something about coming back to Monday, getting back into our normal routine, that is really comforting. So… to bring me out of the occasional Monday funk (and hopefully you, too!), I am going to name five things every Monday that make me happy. Sometimes it will be simple, sometimes I will have big news to be happy about. The point is to get centered again at the beginning of the week… Hope you enjoy!

Having my cup of joe while both of the babies are sleeping… makes me happy!

Hubby filing, working on, and receiving our tax return in less than two weeks?… makes me happy!

The beautiful blue sky, and still crisp, cold air outside… makes me happy!

The fact that I am on day 23 of my 30 day yoga challenge, and doing really well… makes me happy!

The fact that the Patriots won the Superbowl yesterday!!!… makes me apathetic… but being with all of my husband’s family while eating junk food and playing with nieces and nephews… makes me happy!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


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