Why Frozen is overrated…

I am a big fan of Disney princess movies. Some of my favorites include Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Brave, Cinderella, and Mulan. I love stories with heroines that conquer evil with their smarts, courage, love, and kindness. Women are very powerful in our own way, and I believe most princess movies portray that very well.
Now…on to the subject at hand. Frozen was…interesting. A pair of sisters who are loved by their parents so much, they decide to wipe their one daughter’s memory and lie to her for the rest of her life… and the other daughter they tell to keep all her emotions and powers hidden and not dealt with.
Then they die, which of course is not their fault, but they decide to take a long voyage overseas before helping their daughter control her powers. I’m assuming they at least had a short time to dedicate to Elsa, but instead it’s ‘Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.’ As a parent, I would never leave my child in that kind of horrible emotional turmoil to go to a wedding, no matter who was getting married.
Moving on from the parents… Elsa and Anna both go through quite the childhood, running a country by themselves, while staying separate from the people and each other. Which brings me to this country… the citizens haven’t seen either of the princesses since the king and queen died. Not any interaction until the coronation, maybe 15 years later.
Which brings me to Hans, the villain. Sure, he it’s the youngest in his family, never going to get a crown, boo hoo… I’m a youngest child too, you don’t see me complaining! While he WAS ultimately willing to kill for it, he might have been a better leader for the country than the girls were! Think about it, the princesses left and he is organizing the whole place, giving out blankets, food and shelter to whoever needs it! When did the princesses ever do anything like that? He leads the search party for the princesses when everyone is worried. Yes he did end up being the bad guy, he originally wanted to woo Elsa, which, if she hadn’t been so emotionally pent up… might have been a good match!
Kristoff was great, the rock trolls were… confusing, and the overall sisterly love moral was good. But it was built up so much and so eagerly looked forward to, that it really disappointed.
Well, that’s my two cents… wait… the song! Who can forget the song! NOBODY! That’s right, the song that will never get out of your head… was okay. Don’t get me wrong, when my niece sings it at the top of her lungs…it is the most beautiful song ever! But it was just… okay.
If you hate what I said, completely disagree, or are saying ‘I thought I was the only one!’ Please let me know!


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