So, my sister-in-law just posted a resolutions list for 2015, which made me think I want to do the same thing! Resolutions have been a fickle friend with me. I always made the same ones. Spend more time with God, get more healthy, read more, better myself… It was always the same and so vague! I love how specific her list is, instead of baking more often, she wants to learn to make croissants (ambitious! I don’t know if I’ll ever be at that level!). I know if anyone can, she can! So, here we go, a resolutions list that is tailored and specific to me!

  •  This reading challenge– which, granted, is the same that she posted, but the books are different! I plan on posting a small recap/ review of the book I read!
  • Keep up with the workout plan I’ve started, which includes yoga from Erin Motz in Do You Yoga, Zumba dancing from Movee, as well as my own strength training.
  • Get Jem potty-trained! Now, this is a tall order considering that he will only be 2 1/2 years old by the time the year is over, but we can try!
  • Have Scout completely on solid food by September!
  • Keep up with my photo journal, I started one last year, and I plan to keep one for every year. (Much easier than scrapbooking!)
  • Start an apartment herb/ vegetable garden.
  • Figure out ways to cut back on our grocery bill to help with debt payback!
  • Also, a goal that both Hubby and I have is to get rid of all credit card debt by the end of this year!
  • Last, but not least, keep up with this blog! I’m loving the creative outlet!

Well, that’s all for me. Nine resolutions to check on next January!

Do you have any resolutions you would like to share?


4 thoughts on “2015

    • rosebuddmama says:

      Absolutely! Already I have two for the reading from a genre I don’t usually read from. I read Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead (both from the same series, so I think it only counts as one!). Have you started any yet?

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