I was recently talking to a friend at Bible study, and I mentioned to her that I never wear any makeup. Now, I’ve always been a tad curious as how I seem to women who do religiously apply makeup every day. She simply said that she was taught never to leave the house without makeup on. She said even now her mother will comment if she sees her without makeup or in an outfit more casual than jeans. When I told her I don’t wear makeup, I meant that I’m too lazy to put that effort in every day. She said, ‘Well if I was naturally beautiful like you I could afford to not wear makeup!’ She was serious! I wanted shake her and tell her she IS gorgeous, she really doesn’t need the makeup she so laboriously puts on every day.
I don’t have anything against women who wear makeup. I’m usually impressed by how well it is applied since I never seemed to master it no matter how I tried! But what I don’t understand is the need to wear it. I remember as a child my mother would wear makeup, quite often, but she never urged me to wear it all the time. She would encourage me to try some if I had a big event or date coming up, but she never pushed it on me. I am so grateful for that. I’m going to do the same with my daughter. I don’t want her growing up thinking her face isn’t good enough so she needs to cover it up. If she decides she really wants makeup when she’s much older, that’s a different story.
It makes me a little sad that girls spend so much time and money trying to improve their faces. I asked my husband what he thought, since he’s ALWAYS telling me he prefers my face without makeup. He said he’s always preferred women’s faces without makeup. But, to be fair, he could be saying that because his wife is too lazy to ever put it on!

My point is that while makeup can be fun… it is definitely not necessary. I really believe that every girl is beautiful in her own way, and doesn’t need to improve her face unnaturally. Of course, a good smile and a joyful spirit go a long way to making someone ‘more attractive.’ But, that’s completely natural!

Well, if you hate my opinion, love my point of view, or are completely neutral… Let me know!


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