When Hubby and I first found out we were pregnant with Jem, we were going to college. We both had measly part-time jobs and a tiny apartment near campus. It all worked great for where we were in our life. Then, two lines on a pregnancy test, and our world turned upside down. As you can probably assess, we did not have a very stable financial base. Hubby found a better-paying job, we both eventually stopped going to school, and we moved to a larger apartment. Even with his new job, we were struggling to get by. Every month was pretty stressful when it came time to pay rent, not even counting all the other bills. I really didn’t help, I was incredibly emotional, and Hubby had to handle pretty much all of it on his own. When we finally came to terms with where we were financially, we made some hard and fast decisions. Hubby found a different job, we broke the lease on that apartment, and this is where our friends come in.

We were lent money by several different people, helped out with groceries by other people, were offered to stay in people’s homes, and eventually did move in to my Aunt and Uncle’s basement for a few months.

This was one of the hardest times of my life. I am apparently a lot prouder than I ever thought I was. Asking people for help with the most basic things (food, diapers, rent) really hit me hard. It is incredibly humbling. All our friends were so gracious, they helped us out in any way we needed, and we pulled through and have come out on the other side more stable and secure than I ever thought we could be.

It really opened my eyes, to know that everyone around us is so willing to help and not pass judgement on our hardships. Hubby and I decided that whenever we are able to, we will help people out. We all go through hard times, and sometimes just the smallest push can help get us back on our feet.

We have the best friends and family that I could have ever asked for. Thank you all for your support and love. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for you!


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