Being Cool

I remember talking to my mom while I was in high school, or was it middle school? One of those… And we had a discussion about what ‘being cool’ really meant. She explained to me that I would meet people in high school who were ‘cool’ and people who were naturally popular. The ‘cool’ people were the ones who wanted to be, the ones who tried to stay up with the trends and gossip of the school so they could be on top. The naturally popular people were the ones who were just popular. They didn’t try to be, they didn’t even necessarily want to be, they just were. Either they had amazing personalities and people were just drawn to them, or they were naturally gifted in sports or art or something that made them stand out. I don’t think I was ever either of those categories, but I definitely wanted to be the second more.

I was just thinking about this the other day, because I still use the word ‘cool’. When I am talking about a person, if I genuinely like them, and think they are interesting and real, I will call them cool. I realized, I can trace that back to that conversation with my mother. Ever since then, I started to look at people who were genuine and original as ‘cool’. I still do. So, if you ever hear me describe you or someone else as ‘cool’ know that it is a great compliment. In my eyes, I believe you are honestly ‘cool’.


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