Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have a confession, I love Valentine’s Day! Sure it can be an over-commercialized excuse for women to get insulted and men to dread, but that’s not how I see it! It’s another day for me to remind those closest to me how much I love them. Hubby and I have had a tradition of making our own cheese and chocolate fondues and watching a chick flick and just spending some time together. This year, we had decided to forgo the homemade, and go to the Melting Pot. However, a sick little boy has put those plans on the back-burner, so today we will just spend time with our kiddos enjoying each other!

Here are a few blogs about Valentine’s Day that I plan on keeping for reference for future Valentine’s!

  • From the Humbled Homemaker, a list her husband put together for V-Day gift ideas for men!
  • From Premeditated Leftovers, another list about cheap dates for Valentine’s! Of course, this can be used any time. I’m always looking for ways to cut down on costs, and this includes more dates! Yay!
  • From Pint-sized Treasures, some adorable Valentine’s Day breakfasts. Since Hubby and I are mainly gluten/sugar-free… this list will probably only be used when the kids are old enough to recognize what’s happening!

Remember, this day does have a meaning besides just silly little lovey-doveys. St. Valentine was a Roman priest martyred in the reign of Claudius II. He was caught helping Christians and marrying Christian couples when it was illegal. It brings a little bit of a somber mood to the otherwise fluffy day, but I like that it does stand for something.Well, I hope everyone has a beautiful Valentine’s Day!


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