Death by Chocolate Cake

I made a cake! I know, I know… so what? Well this particular cake was very involved and complicated and delicious! I made it for my pregnant sister-in-law’s birthday. When I asked her husband what she would like, he said “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!” So I searched for the craziest chocolate cake I could find. I think I found it. Here is the original recipe at The Slow Roasted Italian.

I modified it only a little bit, and I also spread out the cooking times a little. Instead of making it all at once, I made the ganache and chocolate mousse beforehand since they could sit either at room temperature or in the fridge. I also only had one level of brownie, it was far too thin for me to attempt cutting in half. Well, with my talents anyway.

So, there was really only 6 layers for me.

  1. Chocolate Brownie
  2. Chocolate Ganache 
  3. Chocolate Mousse
  4. Cocoa Meringue
  5. Then I frost with the Ganache
  6. And decorate with the Mousse

Here are all the ingredients

001 (2)

And I’m sure I’m even missing some in this picture… And yes, my homemade vanilla extract is in an old rum bottle.

So, first I made the Chocolate Mousse and put it in a Tupperware container in the fridge.003 (2)

Then I made the Ganache and left it in a bowl on the counter.


After I put the kids down for a nap, I made the Cocoa Meringue. That I sadly do not have a picture of, because it’s pretty cool! You make the meringue and then pipe it into a circle on parchment paper and bake until it’s nice and crispy!

Then I made the Chocolate Brownie. Mmmm, so fudgey and chocolate-y, it even has chocolate chips melted inside it!

I made my own layers, frosted and decorated, and voila!

001 (3)

Not perfect or anything, but it was tasty! And my sister-in-law said she loved it!


So that’s a win in my book! It also gave me the confidence to try more things like this. I want to experiment and explore, and just see where it takes me! Hopefully somewhere tasty!


2 thoughts on “Death by Chocolate Cake

  1. Your cake was so good and so rich! It reminded me of a quote I saw: “I tried death by chocolate, but it only made me stronger.” : )

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