I mentioned in an earlier post that Hubby and I had some financial troubles a couple of years back. It was the hardest time in my life. I felt helpless being so pregnant and not being able to contribute to our family income. As referred to in the previous post, most of the reasons we did so well getting out of our hole was because of our amazing friends and family. However, there is one person I didn’t give nearly enough credit to. Hubby worked so hard to get a well-paying job with amazing hours. He gave up a lot of his time to create a budget and make us stick to it. Without me even knowing it, he has wiped out a lot of our debt already! He has taken it upon himself to be in charge of our finances, and it has worked so well! He has effectively brought us out of a financial pit, into a place we can breathe again. I am so incredibly grateful for all he has done for our little family, and how hard he works all the time.


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