I want to be Phineas

Hubby and the kids and I have started watching the cartoon “Phineas and Ferb.” It is one of the least annoying cartoons we have found, and Hubby and I actually enjoy it! It is about two step-brothers who are incredibly adept at creating and building amazing things. They build skyscrapers to the moon, robotic cows for their rodeo, and a shrinking submarine to go inside the digestive tract of their neighbor’s dog. Now, that all sounds really weird out of context, but it’s all really cool!

Their sister is always trying to ‘bust’ them by tattling to their mother who ultimately never sees anything because their inventions ‘disappear’ right before she gets home. However, despite her constant negativity and brattiness, they are always supportive of her.

Phineas loves Summer. He is always positive and excited and full of ideas. Here is a video of what Phineas thinks about summer as explained to himself in another dimension (as I said, weird out of context).

So to sum up, I want to be Phineas… or maybe I want my kids to be Phineas.


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