I was in a discussion in a Facebook group about immodesty for young Christian girls, when someone linked to this blog post.

It is a list of all the rules linked with modesty for a young girl in Christian circles. Now, when I was young I was always fairly flat-chested and a little tomboy-ish. So I only remembered hearing a few of these and the exaggerations really made me laugh, because it is just so ridiculous.

However, when the girls of the group started to weigh in, they commented on how many times they had heard pretty much all of these. One even stated that an adult informed her that with her body type (bigger bust), she could never be as modest as other girls. She would always be too sexual… What!?

These girls are made to believe that their bodies are sinful and they need to stay covered up at all times to keep boys from stumbling.

There is a fine line between common sense and oppression, and everyone needs to stop judging and making up their own rules.


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