Winter Blues

It has been a long month in our house. Sick kiddos, night shifts, Hubby’s bursitis, cold weather… I’ve started to get a little stir-crazy. Hubby has been helping so much, considering the pain he is in, and has made it bearable. Here’s what I’ve been doing to beat the winter blues!

  • Planning a party- Hubby and I have decided to do an annual St Patrick’s Day party, starting this year! If you know anything about us, you know we love Ireland. Just check out my Ireland Pinterest board. I have a separate travel board, this is just for Ireland!
  • Speaking of my travel board… Planning trips!- Hubby and I want to see the world! Some day… and possibly with the kids. So I’m pinning and planning and gathering information! It does nothing to help my wanderlust, but it’s fun!
  • Preparing for a garden- This Spring, I want to grow herbs and possibly some vegetables. I only have a small space on a cramped porch, but I’m doing as much research as I can. Maybe I can turn my black thumb a little green this year!
  • Binge-watching- Yes, I have been binge-watching Once Upon a Time. It’s not my favorite show, but most other shows I’m either watching with Hubby or don’t have on Netflix or Hulu.

Well, that’s how I beat the cold and sick. I hope it’s all over soon, so planning can turning into implementing!


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