Xenocide and Children of the Mind

These are the last two books in the Ender quartet. I can not review them both to give them justice, so I will mostly reiterate that I loved this series so much I firmly believe you should try it!
Ok, the parts about Xenocide that touched me the most was when Han Feit-zu discovered how lost his daughter Qing-jao was in her beliefs about the gods. He had realized that everything that happened to them was a design by the government and is appalled that they would do that to human beings. They are incredibly intelligent and innovative, but anytime they start to stray from what Congress wants, they are struck with a need to ‘purify’ themselves.  This need usually comes in the form of a  common OCD symptom. Thus urges them to believe the gods are punishing them for their thoughts, so they decide to take another train of thought. It is disgusting that people could put such shackles on others. It is a form of slavery, and (thankfully) is eradicated by the end of the book. Except for Qing-jao. She is compelled to purify herself for the rest of her life, even after the genetic impurity is taken away. Her father taught her so we’ll in the way of the godspoken that she could never stay. He had to live the rest of his life knowing they were both free and watching her refuse to accept anything but captivity. It makes me realize that whatever I instill in my children, I have to be completely sure it is right… and to teach them to make their own decisions when the time comes.
The other amazing part in Xenocide was when Grego took the Christian teachings to the heretic piggies even when he knew it might be dangerous for him. He was so devoted to his love for God and the church and the piggies, that he couldn’t live while they were still spreading lies and fear. He died for that. It makes me wonder. What would I die for? Would I die to teach someone about Christ? Probably not. I need to work on my priorities.
In Children of the Mind… I was impressed with everything they were accomplishing. Faster than light travel, a new world with a brand new species that communicates with genetic code, and diplomatic relations through any means necessary. They get any resource they can to stop the Little Doctor from obliterating Lusitania. Even though Congress retracts the order to discharge the bomb, the commander on board the ship decides he knows better, and fires anyway. Thankfully, the bomb is stopped in time and all life on Lusitania is saved.
Very brief synopsis, and some small intentions on my part, but like I said, I could never do it justice. Maybe sometime I will try to completely describe these books, but for now… I leave you with this.
If you want an intelligently written narrative on the human condition, look no further. Of course, it science fiction, so there are plenty of distractions. However,I believe that Orson Scott Card accurately portrayed almost every typical human you could find in these situations and explained them. When you know them, you also love them. He is a fantastic surge, and I plan on reading more of his books, especially the Ender’s Shadow series.


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