Last Night

Well, last night was eventful! I decided I wanted to try to make creme brulee… I’m sure it would have turned out fine if I had adjusted the recipe a little bit. I used this recipe, and since I didn’t have a bunch of the same size ramekins, I should have adjusted cooking times. I also didn’t pay much attention when they were under the broiler, so they burned a little! It was still alright, but I will try again, and hopefully succeed!

And then… as soon as I was about to step in the shower… Scout decided she had had enough of the formula in her tummy, and spit it up all over her bed… and the floor… and Hubby. Needless to say I was running around in a towel, trying to shush Jem back to sleep, and clean up floors and change sheets while Hubby changes Scout and tries to get her back to sleep. It was a pretty crazy night, but thankfully, afterwards, they both slept so well! Hubby and I had a great night’s sleep, and now we’re ready for today.

Just letting all you mommies out there know, you’re not alone!


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