Happy Monday 4/5

happy mondays

Good morning everyone! Here’s a brand new list, hot off the press, for your reading pleasure!

1. Seeing all of our family yesterday (even though Hubby had to sleep because of night shifts) for Easter and the kiddos were fantastic and made it so easy to go everywhere myself… makes me happy! (PS thanks to all family members and friends who helped me out!)

2. Getting a ladies’ night out with a wonderful friend, complete with a cocktail, ice cream, and shopping… makes me happy!

3. Looking forward to a week off with Hubby… makes me so happy!

4. Celebrating a pregnancy with an out-of-state friend in a surprise baby shower… makes me happy!

5. The random snow/rain storm that melted quickly and made everything a little greener… makes me happy!

Some week it’s the little things, some weeks there are so many things I can’t decide which ones to pick for the list! This week was full of great times and many reasons to be happy. I’m sure this upcoming week will be as well!


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