Sir Gibbie

I just finished Sir Gibbie by George MacDonald. I should have read it in the first place instead of Phantastes… but that’s ok! It was a difficult read at first. Mostly because all dialogue was done with a Scottish accent. A written Scottish accent. Not so easy to get the gist when everything is shortened or slang. My mother informed me afterwards that they printed some George MacDonald with the Scottish ‘translated’ for people like me who have a hard time! That might have made it easier! However, it was a lovely story. A mute (eventual) orphan who roams the countryside is taken in by a very Godly humble couple and taught everything that God expects of him. He has watched his father die and another close friend be murdered. He has been stripped naked and whipped for a ‘crime’ that should not have been considered as such. He had been wronged by people at a very young age, but still maintained his youthful trust in people. He is a remarkable character, and I really enjoyed reading about him!
It was a good story, but MacDonald has a tendency to over-explain everything. There were full paragraphs where he would describe a certain tree, or a single emotion. I’m all for details, but leave something to the imagination!
I would recommend it, but unless you have an eye or ear for Scottish slang, please try the translated one!


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