Happy Mondays 4/13

happy mondays

Good morning everyone! It has been quite the week! Let’s go!

1. My sister-in-law won 4 tickets for rink-side seats to the last Avs game of the season and decided to invite Hubby and me… makes me happy!

2. Successfully taking the kiddos to church by myself since Hubby was working… makes me happy!

3. Enjoying a wonderful coffee date with a lovely friend, and trying a Butterbeer latte for the first time… makes me happy!

4. Having a play date at a park where Jem braved the big slide and Scout loved the swings… makes me happy!

5. Scout turning 7 months, posing for her pictures with a big smile, and sitting up so well by herself… makes me happy!

PS. in case you hadn’t noticed, my kids names are changed. I felt weird about always saying Hubby but calling the kids by their names. So, in celebration of Harper Lee publishing the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird… they are now Jem and Scout.

Have a great week!


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