Keeping House 1- Kitchen!

I am going to start a little series, detailing how I keep house. I like having a nice clean home, and I have a few tricks I would like to share. Starting with the kitchen!

I’ve found having two kids under 2 can be quite demanding on my time, and keeping a house clean can be harder than I expected! I have learned a couple of things in the last couple of years that I think could be helpful to anyone!


Daily Tips

  1. Keep all cabinet doors closed– I know this sounds obvious, and maybe for some of you it isn’t a problem, but for some reason… I just could not remember to close cabinet 005doors after pulling something out! It just didn’t click. So now, I make an effort to keep all cabinets closed, and it definitely makes things look tidier. Even if you haven’t cleaned up the counter tops. Which brings me to…
  2. Clear all counter top space– Another intuitive one. However, I find that keeping this in mind, instead of worrying about doing all dishes, or putting everything away… I just tell myself to clear the surfaces. For some reason it helps me a lot!009
  3. Loading the dishwasher– All the time! I grew up without a dishwasher, so a full sink was a bigger deal than it is now. Now, I am literally loading the dishwasher every time I dirty a dish. It’s such a relief to know that I can just put a dish ‘away’ and not deal with it again until I run the washer! I also wash every dish that should be hand washed each evening. Then I’m ready to go in the morning!
  4. A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place– Yet again, obvious… but having these rules playing over and over in my head helps me to just take it one step at a time. It’s much easier to put something away when it has a specific spot.

Weekly/Bi-weekly Cleaning

  1. Wiping out the Fridge– There are few chores that give me more satisfaction than cleaning out the refrigerator. For one thing, I get to inventory and throw out anything008 that is old (I have gotten much better at keeping track of that, so it’s not much). I also can reorganize/ figure out what would be a more efficient use of space. Through the course of the week, items get 006tossed around, and it drives me crazy because it can be hard to find anything. I usually do this right before Hubby gets a paycheck and we go grocery shopping. That is when it is the most empty, and the most optimal for cleaning! Oh, and to do this, I literally dump everything out (on the floor, on the counter…), take out all the drawers and wipe it all down. Soap and water, Windex… whatever works!
  2. Mopping– I usually only do this every other week. It is such a small space, and so little floor that sweeping normally does the trick. However, when it is needing more power… this is what I use. I get on my hands and knees with a rag and scrub. I have found that cleaning with a rag is a much more effective method. I don’t have any streaks or residue or anything pushed against the side.
  3. Appliance Faces– I usually just wipe these down with Windex. Not much to say about it, but it does the trick.

Monthly (or less often) Deep Cleaning

  1. Range Cleaning– I spray with an oven cleaner (am currently looking for a more natural/ less fumey way to do this), wipe it out, and then either later that day or the next day I put it through a self cleaning cycle. We also have coils (ugly and I hate them), but we’re renting, so what can you do! So I switch out the foil on the pans under the coils every month-ish as well.
  2. Dishwasher– I run the dishwasher through one cycle with a bowl full of vinegar sitting on the top drawer.
  3. Stainless sink Cleaning– I use this method with baking soda, vinegar, boiling water, and Goo Gone. I also keep little garbage disposal refreshers to pop in when is needed, and some little chunks of fresh lemon to put down there. It smells amazing when I run the disposal now!

Well! I believe that is all for today folks! Sorry about all the dishes in the pictures, They are all clean, because it’s the end of the day! Hope this helps!


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