Happy Monday 4/20

happy mondays

Well, it has been a very rough weekend. I am finding it hard to be happy about much today, bit that’s what this is about right? So here we go!
1. Attending a baby shower for a dear friend on Saturday… makes me happy!
2. The way Scout’s face lights up when I talk to her, even though we had a very long night… makes me happy!


3. Even though Hubby’s birthday yesterday didn’t quite go as planned due to sick babies we still managed to have some fun… makes me happy!
4. Plenty of coffee to make sure I survive this week while Hubby’s at work… makes me happy.
5. Getting to finish the Little House on the Prairie series and the 4th on this year’s list to read… makes me happy!

See! Even when you’re exhausted and sad, you can still find something to be happy about! Have a wonderful week everyone!


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