Little House

A few days ago, I finished reading the first five books in the Little House series. I love those books! It takes me back to a simpler time. Well, simpler, and yet I think more difficult. Everything they wanted, they had to do themselves. Unless you had a lot of money, you couldn’t just not know how to build a house for your family. That kind of blows my mind.
Anyway, reading this as a parent definitely gave me a different perspective. I felt the fear in Ma’s heart whenever Pa didn’t come home right away. Ma actually felt more human to me than she ever did before. She was always a bit of a superhero to me when I read these as a child. All parents can be in their children’s eyes. I used to always relate to Laura (I was never good enough to relate to Mary). This time the relation was equal between Ma and Pa. I will never be proper enough to completely relate to Ma, and well, Pa is Pa. Daddy’s have a different role, and I don’t think I will ever be *that* upbeat. However, I could feel the tension in their hearts when the Indian war cry woke them up on the Prairie. When the grasshoppers came and ate all the crops they had. I felt the relief when they finally settled in the West and knew this would be their home by Silver Lake.
I love these stories. I love reading about the daily stuff, the making of cheese, how they used every part of a pig… I kept telling Hubby I was always hungry reading these books! Especially in Farmer’s Boy, they were always describing each meal… It just sounded amazing! I am definitely reading these to Scout and Jem as they get older!
As for my reading list, this crosses off the “Book from my childhood” portion. Four down, eight to go!


2 thoughts on “Little House

  1. I picked Little House as the Book from my Childhood too! 🙂 I’m reading Little House in the Big Woods out loud to the kidlets. It’s way different reading them now as a parent; it gives me a whole new appreciation for how brave they were and how hard they worked.

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