5 Reasons I am super excited to see Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend!

I’m sure I do not need to tell most of you about the new Avengers film coming out this weekend! I am so do so excited! And here’s why…
1. Hubby and I need a date night! We haven’t had a date in about a month and in that time his birthday had come and gone and the kiddos were sick… We’re ready for a break!

2. I love superheroes! (Ok, if you are a crazy comic book connoisseur, please don’t rip me apart for anything I say here. I don’t know comic books, and I don’t really plan to. The closest I ever got to comic books was Archie back when I was a kid.) That being said, I do love superheroes. I love their stories. I think the only superhero that I have tried to like and failed is Superman. Frankly, he bores me. But the Avengers… snarky billionaire in an awesome suit, brilliant reserved scientist (who we found out is always angry), golden-locked mythical god from another world, golden-locked patriot from a different time, quiet yet lethal archer who doesn’t let the rest of them steal the spotlight, and an awesome (excuse me) bad-ass chick trying to wipe her slate clean. They all have interesting back stories (Budapest?), and it feels like at one moment they might just all snap and punch Tony, but they do tend to rally to make an awesome movie.

3. Perfect casting. Honestly, I don’t really know who the Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye really are. I never saw the earlier Hulk movies (heard they were terrible) and I don’t read comic books. But from what I can tell, they pretty much nailed it.

4. Opening weekend… what? We never get to see opening weekend movies! And we’re going to the comfy sofa chairs! Hooray!

5. I am going through major nerd withdrawal. Doctor Who is on break. Sherlock is on hiatus. I watched as much Arrow as was available to me way too fast and have to wait now. Mockingjay Part II, Star Wars, Jurassic World… I could go on.

Well, there you go. Now excuse me while I see if I can borrow the first Avengers from someone so I can watch before we go!


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