Into the Woods

I recently rented Into the Woods as one of my movies to watch without Hubby. He likes musicals generally, he just wasn’t interested in this one.
I thought it was a lot of fun! Now, I had seen this play years ago in a small theatre, so I had completely forgotten the plot line except that there were a few fairy tales mixed together. I forgot how sad it was!  Since I mainly was interested because of the casting, I would like to expand upon that.

Meryl Streep was pretty good. She wasn’t as fantastic as I’ve seen her before, but she was still good. She portrayed her character very well. Just, in my opinion, she doesn’t really know how to move her body around well while she’s singing. It always seems a little forced or confusing to me. Besides that, she was lovely.

Anna Kendrick was delightful as Cinderella! She did a good job showing how dazzled and yet confused her character was. The Prince didn’t really seem to be what she wanted, yet how could she want anything else?

Chris Pine did an awesome job as the swaggering egotistical Prince. “Agony” I think was one of the best songs in the whole film! He and his brother throwing back their hair, trying to out-dramatic the other was hilarious! I was sad with how his character ended, not staying true to his Princess, but glad that they figured out their problem before too long!

James Corden! Yay! Ever since seeing him in Doctor Who, I have hoped to see him in other things! First of all, will he ever get a baby to like him right away? Or will he always be ‘Not Mummy’? He was fantastic, and I loved his character.

Emily Blunt was surprising to me. I’ve never been a huge fan of hers, but she was quite good. She was convincing and interesting and sad. All good things for a musical.

Johnny Depp… let me just say I’m glad his character was done quickly. Honestly, I think Depp is very talented, but he has found this weird niche that he just can’t get out of. Or doesn’t want to? Either way he was creepy (in all fairness, he was supposed to be) and just a little off.

The children who played Jack and Red Riding Hood were fantastic! I have never seen them before, but they did their characters beautifully.

As for the story, it is a tad weird! But creative and interesting. If you are into that sort of thing (especially if you like musicals) I would definitely recommend.


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