Long Walks

So, in this attempt to get healthy and feel better, I took an hour long walk Saturday. Well, I haven’t taken a walk of that length in a long time. My legs were pretty sore! But I did get a gorgeous view! We live right next to a lake, and the scenery is spectacular! Especially since it has been raining so much lately, everything is so green and gorgeous! I would have taken a picture, but my out-of-shape self could hardly take an Ipod let alone a camera. I made it halfway around this lake, and I found a huge beautiful tree. This tree is perfect for sitting by! A little root to sit on, and the trunk is shaped well for leaning against! I foresee many relaxing/writing sessions by that tree. Wish me luck on my journey to healthy living! I don’t have any really long term goals yet, but when I do, I will post them!


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