The Martian

Well… this was quite a book! Such a well-told story. Even though I have no idea about living conditions on Mars… I could see everything in my head! Andy Weir is a genius at explaining super science-y stuff (I know very official) without going too in depth that I lose my train of thought. It was a brilliant story of human survival and resourcefulness against all odds. I know if I had been in that situation, I would never have survived… Of course if I was in that situation I would be smart enough to be on the mission, and I probably would have had a better chance!
Anyway… I love the monologue Mark has the whole time. His complete apathy for anything that doesn’t immediately keep him alive. He is hilarious, and it is probably that dark humor that keeps him sane the whole time!
I hear they will be making a movie about it! I am really excited to see how that comes along… Except it sounds like they’re thinking of Matt Damon for the part… I don’t know how I feel about that. I can’t really see him being that sarcastic… but I doubted Heath Ledger as The Joker. So, what do I know?
I totally recommend this book to everyone! It is fantastic (a little language), well-written, and inspiring.


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