Diary of Anne Frank

So, I feel like this another one I skipped reading. It seems as though everyone has read this at one point in their life, and I can see why.
At times it seems a little off-putting… watching a young girl go through puberty while hiding from people who want to murder her and her family. Most of it seems like any self-assured young girl’s diary, punctuated with the fear of being discovered and the awkwardness of living so close with another family.
I really felt for her at the beginning, she had such a hard time learning to fit in with this new group and not cause distress. What angered me a bit is that her parents didn’t seem too helpful. I understand they are in a horrible situation (which I don’t fully understand and never will, I will not downplay that), but their daughter is constantly being shut down, and it could have major implications later in life. As a mom,I would want to help ease my children into their roles as much as I could. Again, I have no idea what was going through their heads. She could have been an angsty teenager and not admitted what they did do to help. Who knows…
It is an enlightening read, and coming from her point of view was so relatable to me. I really enjoyed it, and Scout and Jem will definitely be reading this when they’re older!


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