I love rain, I really do. I think it’s beautiful, refreshing, and exciting. As a kid I always wanted to recreate the scene from ‘Singin in the Rain.’ Which basically means I would go outside with an umbrella and dramatically dance around while singing “What a glorious feelin’ I’m happy again!” Of course, living where rain is more often than not frigid, my theatricality would be cut short and I would have to go inside and change. But then, I would be warm and dry and snuggle up with a warm cup of something and watch the rain. Or read. Whatever I was doing I wanted to be near a window so I could watch or at least listen to the rain.
One of my favorite memories as a kid was when we went camping with the extended family. My parents had a pop-up trailer, and if it rained, we would all (since everyone else had tents) cram into the trailer with all the cousins on the big bed, and play games or eat. Such an awesome time. And the sound of the rain on that roof was so unique, I will never forget it.image

So, watching Jem sit on the windowsill looking at the rain like this gave me a little joy. True, he most likely is looking at the trucks in the parking lot to see if they’re wet, but I’ll take it!
Anyway, enough about rain… oh I haven’t even mentioned the smell yet! Oh well, maybe another post for another time. Enjoy this beautiful precipitation! I know I will!


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