Happy Mondays 6/15

happy mondays

Good morning everyone! Sorry I have been incommunicado lately… it has been a long week! Nothing particularly bad, just tiring! Well, let’s get started!

1. Finally getting together with a friend (who lives right next to me) and having brunch… makes me happy!

2. Getting out of the house and enjoying the beautiful weather… makes me happy!

3. Hubby’s family having a big family lunch while the kids run around the yard (complete with jalapeno margaritas)… makes me happy!

4. Trying out the new swing set and running around in the mountains while visiting my mommy… makes me happy!

5. Making this new recipe, for Strawberry Scones (Sorry, I don’t have any pictures) and them turning out heavenly… makes me happy!

Well, start of another week! I hope you all have an eventful but relaxing day!


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