Lately I have been feeling the need to connect. With people mostly. I really just wanted to talk. Friends I haven’t reached out to in a while, people who I know might be going through something, really everyone.
I was hesitant at first. Since having Jem and Scout, I have been fairly secluded. Which I think was good, I needed time to figure out our routine, their needs, and everything else. Now that it all seems to be settling down a lot, I am not afraid of taking the kids out by myself (and it’s not as exhausting anymore), and I want to see people! I was afraid people would not want to talk since I hadn’t reached out in so long.
The response I’ve gotten has been amazing! Everyone I’ve contacted has accepted me completely. I don’t want to be a friend that shows up every once in a while, asks how things are, and then you never hear from for another year. I truly want to know about my friends. I want to help when they’re going through something. I want to pray when they need it. I want to be there if they need someone to talk to.
I’m sorry if this post seems like I’m rambling… it’s just what’s been on my mind lately. I have had plenty of time to figure out myself as a mom, at least, for the moment. I have so many wonderful people in my life, and I think they are all fantastic.
I just want to be there.


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