I took a short break the last couple of weeks… Why? Well, the first week was when Hubby had extra night shifts to work, and I was a tad exhausted. It was so hot the kiddos and I barely left the house, and sleeping alone is never fun. However, Hubby is amazing. When he got home in the morning he would take the kids when they got up and keep them entertained until I woke up naturally. It definitely kept the exhaustion from taking over! But not enough energy left  to think of something fun to say for you guys. As for this week, he had the whole thing off. We all had a lot of fun together relaxing and going to the pool, so I decided to focus on just my little family. And… cleaning the house.
Anyway, all that to say… I’m back! And I hope you all have had a great couple of weeks in the summer sun!


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