Life of Pi

I really don’t know what to say about this book. Is it real? Which version of it is real? I have researched a little, and it is all very vague. It’s in the fiction section, but when the author is asked, he says, “Of course it is real”. So who knows…

Very good read. I found Pi to be fascinating. He was a very honest, open character. I loved how he gave himself the nickname Pi. His full name is Piscine, and is pronounced a little like “pissing” which is what all his classmates teased him about as a kid. When he is moved to a new school, where no one knows him, he immediately goes up to the board and writes “My name is Pi”. And from then on he is not teased about his name.

His journey on the ocean is epic. From basically believing himself to be a goner, to trying to form a symbiotic relationship with his counterpart (Richard Parker), to asserting his dominance over the tiger to ensure he is not eaten in his sleep. It is a mental adventure and very well told. I honestly had no idea whether he would live or die the entire time.

I recommend this book to anyone wanting something a little different. It makes you think about his situation in a different light.


2 thoughts on “Life of Pi

  1. Did you see the movie? I liked it. Also if you haven’t seen it you, should see the Sesame St. parody: Life of Cookie Pie (you can find it on youtube). : )

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