Anniversary Week

Well, Hubby and I had our fourth anniversary two weeks ago. I can’t believe we’ve been married for four years already! And… we have two babies! We had no idea where life would take us, but it sure has been wonderful so far.

Well, to celebrate this year, we got to do a lot of things! With a gift from a friend, we were able to go see two movies (Inside Out and Jurassic World) and go out for a delicious lunch. Lobster tacos and Kobe beef burgers? Thank you Gordon Biersch! Also a few days ago we went to our favorite place, Cheese Importers, for lunch, bought a bunch of books at the local used bookstore, and tried out a new creperie in the area. Hubby and I realized that our dates usually end up being at least one of three things. Books, movies, and food. If we’re lucky, it’s all three!

The weeks surrounding our anniversary, we celebrated in a lot of little ways. One day I made him pancakes for breakfast. Another day we had a bottle of wine and chocolates after the kids went to bed. One day we took the kids out to the pool and had a blast! I don’t know that all of these things were necessarily just to celebrate our anniversary, but I like to count it.

I am so happy, and every day I spend with him just solidifies how grateful I am that God gave him to me. He makes me smile when all I want to do is frown. He helps me enjoy life more than I ever thought I could! Even not counting the fact that we made the two most gorgeous kids on the face of the planet, I can’t imagine my life without him. Wedding 563

Here’s to many more wonderful years with the man I love!


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