Atlas Shrugged

Well, that was an accomplishment…

Wonderful story. Engaging characters. Interesting subject.
I was personally looking for more relatable situations. Whenever I heard someone talk about this book, they said how much it predicted present day. I saw certain elements being true currently, but it is to such an extreme. Which, maybe that’s the point. Maybe this is where we’re headed. In the book it was made clear that this had taken a while to all line up.
What makes a good book to me are the characters… Atlas Shrugged had so many to choose from, and all fascinating. Even if they disgusted me, they were interesting. One of the most profound moments for me was when I found myself crying over the death of a side character who had reviled me when I first met him.
At times I felt conflicted. I think that there must be a happy medium between these ideals. Which might be the point. The only problem is that one was allowed to completely take over.
Anyway, I may have more questions about it now than answers, but unfortunately don’t mind. It was a wonderful read and incredibly thought-provoking. I recommend this book to anyone willing to take it on. I might even try Ayn Rand’s other works…after a break.


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