Finding Paris

For the Reading Challenge one category us to pick a book based on the cover. I picked the book Finding Paris by Joy Preble. I didn’t read anything about it, I just saw the cover, and thought it could be interesting.
Well… it did keep me up one night to finish reading it. However, I have a hard time letting mysteries go unsolved. I had to finish reading it or I would have had a hard time sleeping.
That being said… meh. I was disappointed. It was a little flat. Hardly any character development and the story was mediocre. I think she was counting on the shock ending to pull it all together and make it worth it. To be fair, it happens over a very short period of time, and character development is difficult with those limitations. She did try to explain certain things, but they just made me not like the characters even more.
In my opinion, it was not great. Not recommended.
If you think I’m crazy or totally agreed with me, please let me know in the comments!


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