Day 1

Last week I posted a blogging challenge. I intend to use this as a resort when I can’t think of anything to say! Hopefully it doesn’t get too boring!
Day 1: write something about yourself
Hmmm… something about myself. Something you, my readers, don’t already know.
I have a horrible sweet tooth… you may have guessed this, but I should probably just admit it. My sweet tooth takes up my whole mouth… that’s gross. Well, let me put it this way. My uncle used to tell me that everyone has a dessert pocket. You know, that little bit of your stomach that you can always fill with dessert even after a huge meal. He told me his was bigger than his actual stomach. I think mine is my actual stomach. If I could eat ice cream, cheesecake, and brownies every day and not feel like crap, I would. However, I am no longer a teenager… so I must have my daily intake of fruits and veggies if I want to truly enjoy that tasty morsel.
My favorite dessert you ask? Ah, how could one choose? But, it is probably creme brulee. Maybe because it is only a special occasion dessert, but I will almost always order it if I’m ordering off the dessert menu.
There, there’s something you didn’t know about me! Anything else you want to know?


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