Happy Mondays 7/27

happy mondays

Good morning everyone! I had such a wonderful week with my little family last week, that it will be hard to pick the top 5 things. I will do my best!

1. On Friday, we took Jem to Water World with the rest of my family for his a014 (4)nd my dad’s birthday! Although poor Jem got sunscreen in his eyes right off the bat, I got to hold him down a water slide and hear him giggle, which… makes me happy!

2. On Tuesday, we took Jem to see the Minions movie for his birthday, and he adored it! and that… makes me happy!

017 (4)3. Going to a housewarming party with lots of family and a wading pool for the kids… makes me happy!

4. Getting to meet my cousin’s beautiful new baby girl for the first time… makes me happy!

5. Vegging out with Hubby most nights with a drink and ‘The Office’… makes me happy!

Well, it has been a great week for me, and I’m looking forward to an even better one! Happy Monday readers!


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