Day 3

Day 3: 10 likes and dislikes
Um, ok, ten of each? Ok…
1. I like roses, as cliche as it is, they’re my favorite flower, especially sterling roses
2. I like rain. The sound, the smell, everything.
3. I like Ireland. Hubby and I are dying to go there, and since I haven’t yet, I don’t know if I can say I love it yet.
4. I like baking. I get a lot of enjoyment out of making something I know will be tasty. Well, at least I hope it will be tasty.
5. I like the mountains. I grew up in the mountains, I still live near the mountains. Hubby and I lived where you couldn’t see the mountains for a while, and it wore on me.
6. I like horses. You knew, I never really grew out of the little girl horse-loving stage. I think they are fantastic animals. I thought about owning one, but it’s a lot of responsibility and very expensive. I guess I will just have to know someone who owns them!
7. I like playing card games. My family played a lot of card games while I was growing up, especially while camping… which brings me to…
8. I like camping! We went camping pretty much every summer of my childhood. Me and all my cousins would run around in the forest, getting dirty and fishing for crawdads.
9. I like pizza. ‘Nuff said.
10. I like dressing up. There was a phase I went through where I was worried I would be overdressed when I went out. Now, I really don’t care. I love wearing dresses and they’re comfortable.
1. I don’t like wind. At night it gives me bad dreams. During the day it makes me anxious. It’s just all bad.
2. I don’t like being sick. I get completely irrational when I’m sick. I’m super dramatic and I’m sure I ask God just to kill me at one point during each illness. It’s a little ridiculous. As you can imagine, I was a peach during pregnancy.
3. Ah, I don’t like being pregnant! It’s terrible and uncomfortable. Do not come to me if you want to feel better about pregnancy. What makes it all worth it is the baby. As exhausted as I was in the hospital after my kids were born and not sleeping, it was still a million times better than being pregnant.
4. I don’t like mustard. Never have. I thought I would grow out of it so I kept trying, but I just can’t do it.
5. I don’t like being a salesperson. Every job I’ve had, I liked. If I didn’t like some aspect, it was because I had to sell someone something they didn’t want. I will never be a great salesman. Especially if I don’t personally believe in the product.
6. I don’t like horror movies. I can do suspense, I still like to get scared. But I can’t watch slasher horror movies… it makes me sick more than scared.
7. I don’t like spiders. They’re terrible and not cute or funny. If I see a spider picture on my Facebook news feed or Pinterest, I scroll past as fast as I can. I’m getting the heebie-jeebies just taking about this!
8. I don’t like not finishing a book. Some people can start a book or start many books and just keep them on their bedside table for months… or -shudder- years! I really can’t do that. It might be why I enjoy binge-watching shows as well. I don’t like unresolved stories.
9. I don’t like how I look in the color yellow. Which is a shame, because I love yellow!
10. I don’t like being lazy. I can really be lazy. I can sloth around with the best of them. But I always hate how I feel afterwards. That is one of the things I am trying to get better about.

Well, there ya go!


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