Day 4

Day 4: Discuss your relationships
Well, I’m married to my best friend in the whole world. We have a fantastic relationship. We are not perfect by any means, but we’re happy and we crazy love each other. I love talking about Hubby to anyone who will listen. He’s the got that notices I’m having a rough day, so send me to get a coffee and read a book for a break. He’s the guy that has taught me to be completely ok with myself. He’s the guy that knows when I’m in a bad mood, and knows just how to make me smile.
We are a little different. Our Myers-Briggs personality tests were almost opposite. But we really balance each other out. We have so many separate interests, and have accumulated so many together as well! He is crazy smart. I am more on the creative side.
We have been married for four years, and have been through a lot. Unplanned pregnancy, money problems, lots of moves, and lots of jobs. It has only made us closer and stronger.
I love him with all my heart, and our life together is only going to get better!


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