Day 6

I was going to do Day 5, but that is just my day in great detail… boring! Let’s move on!

Day 6: Top Five Pet Peeves
Hmmm… this is a little difficult… I dint think I’m easily bothered, but I’ll try…

1. When the toilet paper is facing the wrong way. It should be over, not under… I don’t particularly know why this is… but it bugs me when it’s not.

2. For a while my hair was very unhealthy and long, and if I ever wore it down, it would rub against my shirt and I would get a rat’s nest. That is so annoying. It is most of the reason why I chopped all my hair off. It was all broken and bent in weird places. Every day I had to meticulously brush out the knots that formed.

3. Burning my tongue. When you take a sip of hot coffee and your tongue feels itchy or senseless for hours…sometimes days! I hate that!

4. Crooked pictures. I may not have the best eye for crooked pictures… but if I do notice, it will really bother me until it gets fixed.

5. When people say “supposebly”. It drives me crazy! I am so sorry if I personally know you and you say this a lot… I’m cringing inside. It doesn’t mean I like you less as a person. But… I’m fighting the urge to correct you.

Well, there’s my pet peeves! I am but super easily annoyed by things like that, but I do notice.


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