I watched Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock for the first time a few weeks ago. Wow! I really enjoyed that one! It was intriguing and confusing… And I think it was the only movie where I was wpid-wp-1440369212734.jpegdisgusted with Jimmy Stewart. The way he treats Judy before he finds out the truth is despicable. He just made me cringe, and so did she. It was difficult to watch, but so well done!

I really did not see the twist coming at all. I’m not always great at telling how a movie will end, but I’m not completely dense. However, this one floored me. Hubby was laughing because my jaw dropped when I figured it out.
Just a question, though. What happens to his friend? The cute girl that paints and designs lingerie? I mean, she was pretty cool! I guess the friend zone can hit anybody…
Anyway, I really recommend this one as a brain teaser. Very fascinating!


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