Happy Mondays 8/31

happy mondays

This last week was pretty uneventful. However, it is a new start… let’s see what to be happy about!8-25-15 (11)

  1. Taking the kiddos to the park with Hubby in the middle of the week… makes me happy! (Look how cute she is! —>)
  2. Getting to watch ‘An American Sniper’ with Hubby while the kiddos were hanging out with Nana all morning… makes me happy!
  3. Consistently getting up at 6 pretty much every day this week to give myself some waking up time before the kiddos awaken… makes me happy!
  4. 8-25-15 (22)Scout finally figuring out how to get back down from standing up (no more crying until I help her sit down)… makes me happy!
  5. Trying on a few dresses from years past (read: years before pregnancy) and them fitting better than they have in a long time!… makes me happy!

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope your week turns out to be awesome, and that you can always find something to happy about!


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