The Narnian

DSC02544About a week ago I finished a book called “The Narnian” by Alan Jacobs. It is a biography of C.S. Lewis written with a tint towards how “The Chronicles of Narnia” had an impact on his life. I really enjoyed learning about one of my favorite authors of all time. All throughout my childhood I read “The Chronicles of Narnia,” and it was nice to know how important it was to him as well.

He had an interesting life. I enjoyed reading about him, but I also learned some things that surprised me. It made me realize exactly how human he was. Have you ever had your perceptions shattered about a hero of yours? Since he is such a favorite of mine, I always pictured him in a pub or cafe sharing witticisms and drinking pints. I never pictured him as a human being. I would not say that my view of him has worsened… In fact, it might even be better now. It is not a good idea to have a man on a pedestal, he is bound to fall.

However, it is an interesting narrative, and I would recommend it to anyone who had a similar experience with C.S. Lewis. I still love him as an author, and now maybe understand more why he wrote what he did!


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