Yes, Please

yes, please

Last month, I listened to the audio book by Amy Poehler of Yes, Please. It was so much fun! She is hilarious to listen to, and has some interesting stories to tell. She seems like one of those stars that could be a great friend… but after reading this book, I’m not sure how we would get along. A little high maintenance and crazy, but very funny. She has a few guest readers in the audio book including Patrick Stewart, Kathleen Turner, and Seth Myers. They are all delightful and hilarious of course.

I do not recommend if you are sensitive to language since she does cuss quite a bit. Some of it sneaks up on you. I feel like she would be this normal looking woman who just randomly busts out in expletives when someone ticks her off!

It does seem sometimes as if she’s just name-dropping. Kind of a “I know these people and you don’t, haha”… but that’s her prerogative! She has met some really interesting people and doesn’t mind talking about the fact that she gets to hang out with them! Also, I have a strange urge to read “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. Finish the dynamic duo!

Anyway, I did enjoy the book. I think she is hilarious (I mean, Leslie Knope is one of my all-time favorite characters) and her life is fun to read about.


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