Day 9

Day 9: Where would you like to visit?

Oh gosh, how much time do you have?image
Well at the moment, I think on the top of my and Hubby’s list is Ireland. I’m not sure where the obsession started, but for at least a few years now we have wanted to go desperately. We even considered living there for a few years before we got pregnant. Being close to family for our children was too important to us to consider moving with them. However, it is still on the top of the list! (And yes, this is hanging on the wall in our living room—>)

Of course England and Scotland are right below. The rest of Europe including France, Belgium, Italy, and Germany are on the list, not sure which order. Of course Disneyland and Disneyworld… for the kids… Anyway… An African safari would be a blast! I would love to see the East Coast, D.C., and New York. California for the beaches, redwoods, and San Francisco. I would like to see India, Russia, and possibly China. New Zealand for all the awesome Tolkien-themed places (as well as the amazing scenery!). Also, since I was a little girl, I read about this place in Mexico where where thousands of monarch butterflies migrate at one time. I have always wanted to see that!
And I’m sure that there’s more to this list, but that’s all I’ve got right now! What’s on the top of your list?


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