Brave Birthday Party

Scout turned one and we decided to celebrate with a Brave party!

I sent out a Facebook invite with this picture –>Lys' birthday as the background. I even found this website that translates anything you type into Scottish slang. It’s so fun! I may just talk like that all the time now… Fair warning friends and family!

9-19-2015 (2)

Here’s the birthday girl in the little tutu I made her! No sew
and only took me about an hour to put together… sounds like the perfect craft to me! Poor Scout, I foresee many tutus in her future!

We had t9-19-2015 (15) - Copyhe party at my parents house in the mountains. It was a perfect backdrop for a Scottish celebration! Complete with an archery range my parents made out of a log section and a castle that we built onto their deck! We had bows from the Dollar store with little suction cup arrows, perfect for Scout’s two older boy cousins! They took turns and got pretty good by the time they were done! I don’t think I hit the target once…

castleWe had little crown decorating stations inside the castle that some of the older kids took advantage of, and even a working drawbridge that they really enjoyed pulling up to shut us out!

Jem just loved the castle!

9-19-2015 (10)

Here’s the food table! I really had fun decorating this. Mom and I got a large piece of plaid fabric for the tablecloth, and my dad cut out some more log sections for food display!9-19-2015 (23)9-19-2015 (22)

We built a mini castle for the table top and I made the little banner for the birthday girl. We had bear-shaped sandwiches (Mordu sandwiches), Mac and cheese (Macintosh and cheese), fruit on an arrow (Skewered fruit), frosted sugar cookies (Triplet cakes), veggies (Angus treats), blueberries (Nightshade [not poisonous]), and blue punch (Witch’s Brew).

9-19-2015 (30)Her other Nana brought the cake, which little Princess Scout dug into… she didn’t eat a whole lot, she just enjoyed smooshing it with her fingers!

I don’t have a picture of the favor bags, but they had some Teddy Grahams, gummi bears, and Brave stickers inside!

All in all, I believe it was a very successful party, and I can’t wait to continue the tradition of themed birthday parties for as long as the kiddos want them!

Party picture


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