2016-ResolutionsHello everyone! It has been a long time since I posted. So many things happened for me in the last couple months, that I just got overwhelmed and decided to take one thing off my list. I’m sure you all understand the feeling!

So here’s to a brand new year, new beginnings and new resolutions to look forward to! At the end of my post will be a recap of last year’s resolutions and how I did.

  • A brand new reading challenge from Modern Mrs Darcy. I enjoyed doing hers so much last year, that I’ve decided to start her new one!
  • I would like to get to my goal weight before June. (Our 5th anniversary, including a vacation to Cali wine country!)
  • Continue my workouts in Erin Motz’s Bad Yogi community as well as Jillian Michael’s 30-day-shred.
  • Get Jem potty-trained! (It IS happening this year)
  • Have Scout off the bottle for bedtime.
  • Spend time every day on Duolingo, learning either French, Gaelic, or relearning Spanish. I would love to be at least bilingual.

Well, there we have it. I am going to get this started right away.

Anyway… let’s take a recap at my last list of resolutions


  •  This reading challenge– which, granted, is the same that she posted, but the books are different! I plan on posting a small recap/ review of the book I read! Done! And then some!
  • Keep up with the workout plan I’ve started, which includes yoga from Erin Motz in Do You Yoga, Zumba dancing from Movee, as well as my own strength training. Mostly done, I switched to Jillian Michael’s 30-day-shred, and got a little lazy by the last two months.
  • Get Jem potty-trained! Now, this is a tall order considering that he will only be 2 1/2 years old by the time the year is over, but we can try! Haha, no.
  • Have Scout completely on solid food by September! Not completely by Sept, but she is now!
  • Keep up with my photo journal, I started one last year, and I plan to keep one for every year. (Much easier than scrapbooking!) Yes!
  • Start an apartment herb/ vegetable garden. Haha… again, no.
  • Figure out ways to cut back on our grocery bill to help with debt payback! I did a little bit!
  • Also, a goal that both Hubby and I have is to get rid of all credit card debt by the end of this year! Eh, no, but we’re definitely a lot closer than the beginning of the year.
  • Last, but not least, keep up with this blog! I’m loving the creative outlet! Well, close enough.

Phew… Happy New Year all! See you later!





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