Friday Fashion 5/1

Happy May Day!!

I remember my family used to make little May Day baskets with spring-y treats, leave them on our friends doorsteps, and then ding-dong-ditch! That was a lot of fun.

Well, Hubby and I have a wedding to go to this weekend! A dear friend who I am so excited for!

She is definitely a cowgirl, and the wedding will b017 (2)e at a ranch and in a barn… so naturally I need my cowboy boots! They are actually my grandpa’s, and I’ve had them for a long time now.

I also had to sneak in my own little bit of nerdiness… 018 (4)


Fashion Friday

Well, this Friday is a little different. All about my kiddos! They were so incredibly adorable last Sunday for Easter, that I just can’t help but show them off!


See! Look how cute they are! Scout in the Kohl’s dress that Nana bought for her. And Jem is actually wearing the shirt and vest that our nephew wore as ring bearer in Hubby’s and my wedding! He was so dapper, and she was so poofy and gorgeous!


And since I didn’t look terrible myself, I’ll throw a picture of me in there. Not a great picture of me, but I love the look on Jem’ face!

Long wonderful day. Happy Fashion Friday everyone!

Friday Fashion

Girls’ night out! 006

Hubby watched the kiddos so Mommy could have a night out with a lovely friend of mine! We had a drink, talked a lot, and burned our tongues with some spicy Southwestern egg rolls.

Great night! My mom actually handed down this little shirt to me. Lots of fun!