Happy Mondays

happy mondays

Hello everybody! It has been a long time. I took a break for a couple weeks. A lot of things on my plate, but I am hopefully back n10-30-15 (27)ow! Well, let’s see what has happened lately…

  1. Dressing up the kiddos in their Halloween costumes this year (Peter Pan and Tink)… makes me happy!
  2. Getting to spend Halloween with a lot of family… makes me happy!
  3. Watching the kiddos play with one cousin and meet a brand new cousin last Friday… makes me happy!
  4. Going to the Supernatural convention with my sisters-in-law (with a photo op from Mr. Mark Sheppard) this last weekend… makes me happy!
  5. Having an entire week with Hubby home this past week… makes me happy!

Well, there’s my list for today! It has been an eventful couple of weeks, so I couldn’t mention everything. Have a wonderful Monday!


Happy Mondays 10/19

happy mondays

Good morning everyone! I’m sorry this is coming out a little late, but I got to sleep in this morning! So… I’m not really sorry!

  1. Watching the Cubs make through round one of the playoffs with Hubby (who was super excited about it)… makes me happy!
  2. Getting to take some fun pictures of my beautiful neighborhood in the morning… makes me happy!
  3. Watching our first scary movie of the season (You’re Next)… makes me… need to watch light-hearted things before bed… but also makes me happy?

It has been a pretty uneventful week for us, so this is all I can think of at the moment. Have a wonderful Monday!

Happy Mondays 9/21

happy mondays

Good morning! It has been a while hasn’t it? It was a pretty busy couple of weeks for me, combined with my feeling lazy, and you have two weeks with no posts!  Well, then we should get started, right? Here goes!9-19-2015 (2)

  1. Scout turning one and having a fantastic Brave-themed birthday party… makes me happy! (Yes I made that tutu! –>)

2. Makinimageg the triplet cakes for said party, and them turning out exactly how I wanted them to… makes me happy!

3. Hubby and I getting to go to a Scottish Irish Highland Festival, eating haggis, drinking whiskey, and listening to some Albannach last weekend… makes me happy! (Yes, he wore a kilt!!)

4. Starting my first Bible Study Fellowship class last week and getting to meet all of my new small group friends… makes me happy!

5. This cold weather! Being able to drink a hot cup of coffee and not feel like I’m burning inside AND outside… makes me happy!

Those are my 5, I know a lot of things have happened in the last couple of weeks and I will definitely be telling you about them. Also! Please stay tuned for more party details, and possibly pictures! Have a wonderful Monday and I will see you later this week!

Happy Mondays 9/7

happy mondays

Good morning all! This has felt like a long week to us again, but there are plenty of things to be happy about!

  1. 9-5-2015 (1)Having a combined birthday party with Hubby’s family in the park (where Scout promptly fell asleep)… makes me happy!
  2. Having an old friend and her new husband for lunch and hearing about their mission work in Turkey… makes me happy!
  3. Taking a trek around Bear Lake for Labor Day with my family and some friends… makes me happy!9-6-2015 (16)
  4. Taking a dear friend to dinner and drinks for her birthday… makes me happy!
  5. Even though the kiddos and I had sniffly noses most of the week, we still enjoyed some snuggly time that… makes me happy!

9-6-2015 (1)

Here’s to the start of another week! Enjoy!

Happy Mondays 7/13

happy mondays

Good morning! So, I’m going to be completely honest, I’m having a hard time coming up with my reasons for being happy. It has been a very long week of sick kids and long work days for Hubby. But, there are some good things to be remembered, so I’ll start with those.

1. Jem feeling so much better yesterday and actually eating and keeping down food… makes me happy!

2. It may be silly, but Hubby and I love the show the Office… We have decided to watch through it again, and we just watched the episode with Jim and Pam’s wedding… which always makes me cry, but… it makes me happy!

3. Hubby making me a Grasshopper for our no-kids time (After bedtime)… makes me happy!

4. Looking forward to Hubby having a couple days off right now to celebrate Jem’s 2nd birthday!!!… makes me happy!

5. Scout crawled! Only a tiny bit and at night, so I didn’t get a great picture or video, but she finally did it!… make me happy!

Huh, well that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be! Just taking time to think about really helps! Well, I hope you all have a great Monday as well!

Happy Mondays 5/4

happy mondays

Happy first Monday in May everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and are ready to start this beautiful week! Here goes…

1. Getting a fantastic date with Hubby yesterday, including delicious Creole breakfast and Avengers: Age of Ultron while grandparents watched the kiddos… makes me so happy!

2. Attending the wedding of a dear friend who I am so excited for… makes me happy!

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron… it made me laugh, it made me cry (I’m a sap)… and it made me happy!

4. The kiddos finally getting over whatever random sickness that made them both get horrible diaper rash… makes me so happy!

5. The fact that to day is May the 4th!… makes me so happy!

Have a wonderful start to the week everyone!

Happy Monday 4/5

happy mondays

Good morning everyone! Here’s a brand new list, hot off the press, for your reading pleasure!

1. Seeing all of our family yesterday (even though Hubby had to sleep because of night shifts) for Easter and the kiddos were fantastic and made it so easy to go everywhere myself… makes me happy! (PS thanks to all family members and friends who helped me out!)

2. Getting a ladies’ night out with a wonderful friend, complete with a cocktail, ice cream, and shopping… makes me happy!

3. Looking forward to a week off with Hubby… makes me so happy!

4. Celebrating a pregnancy with an out-of-state friend in a surprise baby shower… makes me happy!

5. The random snow/rain storm that melted quickly and made everything a little greener… makes me happy!

Some week it’s the little things, some weeks there are so many things I can’t decide which ones to pick for the list! This week was full of great times and many reasons to be happy. I’m sure this upcoming week will be as well!